Saturday Service 5:30pm to 7:00pm

About ICC

Of the approximately 5.85 million people in Boston, demographer’s estimates 80,000 of them are native Indians. Many of these have come from India for professional opportunities; most are doctors, engineers, technologists, business leaders, or work in similar fields. Another large portion of Boston’s Indian population fills the various universities in the city, seeking higher education. Those who have moved to Boston are among the most highly educated, influential people in India. The vast majority of these students and business professionals are practicing Hindus. Others are Muslim, Sikh, or Buddhist. To our knowledge, there is currently no evangelical church targeting this group.

We have a great opportunity to meet Indian community groups at market places like, Indian grocer’s stores, Indian restaurants, motels, doctors at hospitals and students at universities and colleges. Our biggest plan is to meet Indian people, invite home for lunch or dinner may be some times coffee, according to Indian culture coffee is not that much good opportunity. As we have previous experience in India, and in church planting experience, we will reach them according to the situations. Our biggest goal is to reach them with the gospel and great commission Matt 28:18-20.

We are excited about this calling from God, and our prayers for Him to save many and build up HIS church in Boston, MA.

We are looking for partnership churches, friends, prayer partners, and financial support.